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What is ZariZar's privacy policy?

ZariZar will not share your personal, ordering, or payment information with anyone. Period. No exceptions, unless we are legally required to do so.


What payment options are accepted?

ZariZar accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. All payments are processed through PayPal’s Merchant Account System, guaranteeing that your payment details never flow through ZariZar’s servers.




How long will it take for my shawl or mineral to be delivered?

Minerals and shawls in stock are shipped via DHL within 48 hours after your order is received. Barring delays due to weather or delivery problems outside ZariZar’s control, your order should be delivered within one week of placing your order. 


Is there a way to track my package? 

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the DHL tracking number and address of the DHL tracking website.


Where does ZariZar ship its products?

ZariZar ships its products worldwide and uses DHL as its shipper of choice. The only United States restriction is that DHL is not permitted to deliver to U.S. military bases or to USPS post office boxes.


Can you expedite my order?

ZariZar can expedite preparation of your order, if you request it. To make a request, send an email to or phone 888-480-4943.



How do I cancel or change my order before it has shipped?

Please email or phone 888-480-4943 with your request to cancel or change your order.


You will know your order has shipped when we send you an email notification with tracking information. Orders are typically shipped via DHL 48 hours after they are placed.


How do I cancel or change my order after it has shipped, but before I receive it?


Click here to initiate the Return Authorization Process

What is your policy on returning an order after it has been opened?

Return Policy

Our weavers and mineral seekers have made great efforts to provide you with an object of beauty you will treasure for a lifetime. If you find a returnable flaw in your shawl or mineral, it will be accepted for refund or exchange with complimentary shipping and no restocking fee. 


Some points to consider before purchasing a handcrafted ZariZar shawl or one of our minerals from the Deccan Plateau:



Shawls and Minerals:

Our photographs are checked for color accuracy on calibrated monitors before being added to our website. Because most home and business monitors are not color calibrated, there may be some color shift between what you see on your screen and the product you receive. 

Natural Variations


Because each shawl is hand-dyed and hand-loomed, there may also be slight variations of color or pattern within an individual shawl and between two shawls woven by the same artisan. Such personal variations, as are found in fine Persian rugs, are what makes each ZariZar shawl a work of art. They should not be considered flaws.


Note that variations in color, crystalline structure, and even type of mineral adhering to a rock surface occur naturally as minerals crystalize over millions of years. Some crystal faces also break when they are harvested from the rocks in which they are embedded. These variations are part of each item’s uniqueness and are not flaws.

Actual Flaws and Damage:


Every shawl is examined for flaws -- a hole, gap in the threads, recurring snags, stains or discolorations – before shipping. If a significant flaw has been overlooked or damage has occurred during packaging and shipping, please read the section on “Conditions for Returns” and then fill out the Return Authorization Request Form.


ZariZar carefully packages each mineral so it can travel safely from the Deccan Plateau to its destined home across the world. However, breakage has been known to occur, especially to the more delicate crystallize structures. You would know that such damage has occurred in travel because the broken pieces of crystal would be in the box. In such a case, please read the section on “Conditions for Returns” and then fill out the Return Authorization Request Form.

Conditions for Returns

  • The item is to be returned in its original condition. 

  • In the case of a fabric, it must not have been worn or used, may not be soiled, damaged, or washed.

  • A mineral may not have been further damaged or altered in any way.

  • To protect the item, it must be returned in its original – or comparable – packaging.

  • The Request for a Return Authorization must be submitted within 7 days of receiving the item. 


Once the item is returned, we will examine it to ensure it meets the terms for a refund and we will credit your account within 2-3 days.


Click here to initiate the Return Authorization Process.​​



How can I give a ZariZar shawl or mineral as a gift?

To order a shawl or mineral as a gift, enter your message on the checkout page. We will include a greeting card with your special message. 


The invoice sent with the gift package will show the information needed to return an item, but not the price or billing information.


Who designs ZariZar’s shawls? 

Many of our designs have been created in our fabric company, which has been in business for over 100 years. As fashions change, our weavers, designers, and even customers submit new designs.


Can a customer submit a proposed design to ZariZar for a customized shawl?

Yes, we are committed to providing the patterns, yarns, and colors that will delight you. Please phone 888-480-4943  to discuss your design preferences.


Do you sell special versions of your fabrics that can be worn as hijabs, saris, or used as upholstery?

All of our shawls are suitable in size to be worn as hijabs. For information about our saris and inquire about our handwoven fabrics available to upholster your furnishings, please send your specifications to




How can I communicate with a ZariZar customer service person?

Please send an email to or phone 888-480-4943.

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